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"Master Wang is, without a doubt, the genuine article. Having had first-hand experience with the workings of his "qi" on me as well as my father, I am convinced he has developed a subtle and refined energy worthy of the title, Master."


- Jason Scott Lee, actor (The Bruce Lee Story, Dance of the Dragon) Volcano, Hawaii


"While going through 6 weeks of radiation treatment I received qi balancings from Master Wang and was able to go through the radiation with virtually no side effects. My skin was minimally burnt. My energy was always good, I never felt tired at all. Even my doctors were amazed with how well I felt and healed!"


- Margaret Stefanich, hairdresser, Honolulu, Hawaii


"I come to get qi balanced whenever I get tired or stressed. Afterwards, I feel much more energized and happy. Most of the time during qi balance, I get into this wonderful state where I am floating...very soft, as if I am lying on a cloud. I am in the present, in a state of bliss. It's like another frequency, or another state of consciousness. I have never had this wonderful feeling outside of qi balancing. Beautiful; it is absolutely beautiful. I feel soaked in love. Probably some masters of meditation can achieve this on their own, but not me, not yet. Thanks to qi balancing, I can get there and know that it's a reality! In normal life we are all guarding ourselves with fear and other emotional disturbances that keep us from this state. Somehow, qi balancing opens me up and allows me to experience it. It's probably the most...I don't have a word... the most meaningful experience of my life; the most beautiful experience of my life. I don't have any fear, any anger, any negative emotions. I just exist as Consciousness and there's a feeling of bliss. There is indescribable peacefulness, but of a quality you don't experience in everyday life. There is... a sweetness to it... a loving feeling. I think this is our true nature that most people never experience. It is a place where I can totally open my heart. If everybody had this experience there would be no wars, no conflict. I am very, very grateful that I can have this experience."


- Haruko M. Cook, PhD., University of Hawaii


"Three years ago, I had a small stroke. My head hurt all the time, I was wobbly when I walked, and I certainly couldn't drive. I started seeing Master Wang three times a week for qi balancing. At first I had to walk by groping the wall to keep my balance. Soon I felt fine, walked fine, and was driving again. One year after the stroke, my doctors took another x-ray of my brain and guess what? They couldn't find the stroke! Imagine that! They had showed me the spot on the x-ray after it happened. Thank you, thank you Master Wang, for giving me back my life! What does qi balancing feel like? There is such a feeling of loving, caring, and support here that I would say, In the purest sense of the word, it feels like such a blessing."


- Ann Malo, psychologist, Honolulu, Hawaii


"I suffered from chronic post nasal drip for a very long time. I coughed and wheezed in the middle of the night, and I took antihistamines for many years. Since I have been coming to qi balancing sessions with Master Wang, my post-nasal drip has dried up and I no longer cough and wheeze. I no longer need the antihistamines. About ten minutes into the first session with him, I found I could breathe much more easily. "


- M. M., retired senior, Honolulu, Hawaii


"I was visiting Oahu on a buying trip. Luckily, I was staying with Master Wang and Kathy during my visit. I came home one evening with my nose running and this feeling of pressure in my head that just wouldn't let up. I felt awful. After supper, Master Wang pulled up two chairs and we sat down. He said he would show me how to clear the pressure in my head. As he walked me through it, the ball of pressure that I'd had for hours just melted down through my body and disappeared! I couldn't believe it! It took just a minute to do. The next evening I again had a feeling of intense pressure in my head. Master Wang said I should do what he taught me the night before. As Master Wang read the evening news, he pulled up a chair next to him, and told me to sit down and do what he taught me. I sat there, trying my best, but nothing happened. I just couldn't get the pressure to move. Finally, Kathy came in and noticed I was stuck. She asked him to help me. He just reached his hand towards me and grabbed at the air in front of my face. As he pulled down, I felt the pressure in my head flowing down and away, just like the night before."


- Ann Foster, professional buyer, Kauai


"My father-in-law, Si Jiazhang, in his sixties, was paralyzed from a stroke. His hands and feet couldn't move, and we children felt very inconvenienced by taking care of him in turns. He sought many, many medical therapies, but received no positive results. After the first qi treatment from Master Wang, my father-in-law was able to comb his hair. After the second qi treatment my father-in-law walked step by step with me, as all witnessed on that occasion. We think that qigong is magic and maybe others don't believe this, but it happened at our home. We now believe that qigong can heal people. We'd like to thank Master Wang for liberating my father and us."


- Hai Dao Wang, research chemist, Shanghai


"I had the most amazing experience. My head filled with brilliant light. Afterwards I joked, 'who turned on the flashlight?' but really, it was stronger than a flashlight, almost too bright to hold my head straight!"


- P. K., N.D., naturopathic physician, Massachusetts


"Master Wang's qi balancing is the most phenomenal and outrageous thing! I feel like I'm 17 years old again! I feel very, very good. I come to get qi balanced with my head full of junk - I go home smiling and happy! "


- Billy Kay, business entrepreneur, LA, California


"During a qi balancing I feel like my whole body is thrumming. Like every pore has opened and is relaying energy from one cell to the next in such a way that I'm completely relaxed, yet exceptionally clear. I came to get qi balanced today because I was feeling grief; I seemed to be taking on too much "stuff" from people around me and I needed to be cleaned out. My lungs were tight and felt congested. There was a point during the qi balance when I felt a distinct release; I felt my lungs clear. Now I can breathe deeply again. "Qi balancing clears me out. It makes me feel like my hearing is more acute; my sight is clearer, and I'm just at peace. Now (after the balance) I feel very peaceful. I don't know how he does it. It's sort of like magic. You just lie there and he does his stuff. I think I walk around with a lot of anxiety. Right after a qi balance I have NO anxiety... just to experience what that is like is important! "Also, since I started coming to Master Wang's qigong class more than a year ago, I have not experienced a single bout of flu, cold or bronchitis, and I used to get sick every three months."


-Delta Westcot, high school teacher, Kapolei, Hawaii