Master Qing Chuan Wang 

has practiced qigong and the Daoist internal healing arts for most of his life, and has taught qigong for more than 30 years. As a young boy, he began learning from his grandfather, an accomplished master of Wudang qigong. His grandfather taught him methods of Daoist qigong movement, meditation, and healing arts, passed down within the family from generation to generation. While growing up in Shanghai, Wang expanded beyond the family tradition to include study with other energy masters as well. As a young adult, Wang became recognized for his exceptional qigong ability. He was invited to meet Xirong Pei, 17th patriarch of Wudang qigong, China's foremost lineage of Daoist qigong. The two men began working together and in 1980, Xirong Pei chose Qing Chuan Wang to be his successor, the 18th generation patriarch of Wudang qigong. Wang became a respected qigong consultant and grandmaster (one who trains teachers). He has served as board member, director, and advisor to many qigong associations and institutions, including Director of the Shanghai Wudang Qigong Association, Instructor at Zhabei School of Chinese Medicine, Qigong Advisor to Shanghai University College of Business, and Senior Qigong Doctor of the Wudang Qigong Recovery Institution of Wuleizhang Science. To further scientific investigation of "qi," he participated in controlled scientific experiments at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, where he demonstrated the striking effects of his "emitted qi" on both living and nonliving matter (see Scientific Tests). In 1990, Wang passed the required examination to be licensed as a Senior Qigong Master, becoming one of the first qigong masters ever to receive official certification and endorsement from the Chinese government. His clients in China and the West have included government officials and visitors from around the globe. As a pioneer in the field of qigong, Master Wang has combined the best of his training and experience to develop Shing-ling-mei Wudang qigong, a gentle practice that leads qi with the mind and teaches us to use the power of an open heart and spirit to benefit ourselves and our world. Master Wang has made Hawaii his home since his arrival from China in 1992.


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