While qigong trains us to balance our own vital energy for health and wellbeing, we can also receive this healing gift from another. Qi Healing is also called Qi Balancing, Emitted Qi Healing, External Qi Healing, and Chinese Healing Touch.

What is Qi Balancing?

Qi Balancing is an ancient Chinese practice in which an energy master evaluates the condition of another person's vital energy, then helps to bring it into balance. In qigong class we learn to feel and balance our own energy. During a Qi Balance session, the master does it for us. Qi Balancing is based on the principle that life energy flowing in a balanced way through our body sustains our health, while imbalances in the flow lead to disease. Qi Balancing includes gentle non-contact techniques. It also employs energy entrainment, where the master uses his or her own qi to get the client's qi flowing in a balanced way.

Why Do It?

Qi Balancing is a fast, easy way to receive the benefits of qigong. Not everyone has the time, patience, or dedication to learn qigong. With Qi Balancing, you simply relax and receive. Qi Balancing supports the body's natural healing mechanisms, making it an effective and beneficial complement to many therapies, including standard medical treatment.


Although Master Wang has retired from practice, he continues to consult, advise and mentor others. You may"Contact Us" if you have questions. To schedule a session with Master Wang's students contact:


Milton Miyakawa (593-3220)

Darrell Harada (255-4564)


  • Read about qi balancing in the book, Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit.

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A Reminder:


A qigong master is an energy specialist, not a doctor. Qigong is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Qigong is helpful on its own and as an adjunct to other therapies, including Western medicine.

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