To help validate the effects of qigong, and to contribute to mankind's further understanding of this ancient practice, Master Wang was tested under scientific scrutiny.


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To test Master Wang Qing Chuan's ability to alter the ethanol content of fen jiu, a strong alcoholic beverage, by applying emitted qi energy.




1 bottle of fen jiu 2 identical containers 1 machine that measures alcohol content




The bottle of fen jiu was opened, and its contents poured into two identical containers. The alcohol content of both containers was measured at the beginning of the experiment (0 min).


Container #1 served as a control. The control container was left untouched. Its alcohol content was measured again at the end of the experiment, after 10 minutes.


On Container #2, Master Wang performed "pull-out" qigong for a total of 5 minutes followed by "push-in" qigong a total of 4 minutes 46 seconds. The alcohol content of container #2 was measured at the following intervals: 0 minutes, 3 minutes (after three minutes of "pull-out" qigong), five minutes (after two more minutes of "pull-out" qigong), and 9 min 46 seconds (after four minutes 46 seconds of "push-in" qigong).




Container #1; control:


time elapsed                                                                             alcohol content


0 min                                                                                                             72.12%

10 min                                                                                                           70.72%


Container #2; test container:


time elapsed                                                                             alcohol content


0 min                                                                                                             72.12%

3 min (3 min pull-out qigong)                                                                66.68%

5 min (after 2 more min pull-out qigong)                                           64.64%

9 min 46 sec (after 4 min 46 sec push-in qigong)                            70.46%




In the presence of a group of scientists, Master Wang, Qing Chuan demonstrated his ability to lower the alcohol content of a potent alcoholic beverage (fen jiu), then raise it back up again, using "emitted qi" qigong. He lowered the alcohol content of the beverage 7.48% by performing 5 minutes of "pull-out" qigong. He then raised the alcohol content of the same beverage nearly up to that of the open control (.26% less than the control) using 4min 46 sec of "push-in" qigong.


Tests performed by Clinic of Engin Mechanical School , Shanghai, China, on 6-22-88.


Master Wang participated in three experiments designed by Dr. Xu Lijian. The objective was to demonstrate that addition or deletion of qi can raise or lower a patient's blood pressure. Three times, Master Wang both gave and removed qi from a doctor serving as subject, raising his initial blood pressure from 100/70 up to 120/90 and then lowering it back to 100/70mmHg. There was never physical contact between Master Wang and the patient.