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Feng Shui: Harmonize home, land and office
Why do some businesses prosper while others suffer?
Why do some homes feel cheery while others are cold?
The answer may lie with Feng Shui.
Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) means "wind water" in Chinese. It is the venerable practice of reading nature's energies and using them to best advantage through the favorable design and placement of objects such as buildings, furniture, entrances and gardens. In Chinese philosophy, health and wellbeing are reflections of balanced, flowing energies, both within the human body and in the surrounding environment. When Master Wang performs feng shui on the home, workplace, land or other property, he assesses the unique energies of each inhabitant as well as the energies of the particular site. By working to harmonize energies flowing between specific individuals and their surroundings as well as energies of the space itself, he optimizes conditions for happiness, good health, and prosperity.
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