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Welcome to our growing list of resources for natural health and wellness. These sites will lead you to a variety of qigong styles, as well as related energy arts and networking groups. Searching their content may help you find a qigong teacher or healer located near you.You may discover practices, events and products to help you and your loved ones live more fully and happily. Remember to research your choices well and select what has value for you. Remember, too, that wherever you go and whatever you do, universal assistance is always just a heart-felt thought away. Choose where you place your attention, keep your heart-channels open, and enjoy your journey.


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Yoga Journal:

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Qigong Institute:

 Qigong Assoc. of America:

National Qigong Association:

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day -- a global

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                         East West Academy of Healing Arts: 


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Women's Qigong Alliance: (Canada) (Great Britain)

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30 Minute Fitness:

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