A Genuinely Valuable Addition to the Qigong Literature, January 28, 2006

Reviewer: Dr. Richard G. Petty (Atlanta, GA):


There are a lot of books that have been written by folk with little practical experience of qigong or knowledge of the fact that it is a comprehensive way of leading your life, rather than just a set of breathing exercises and meditations. It is clear from the very beginning that this is someone who "walks the talk." Not only does it ring true, but there is also something else that speaks to the authenticity of the book: I was taught many of the exercises by a qigong Master in Nanjing, China, in 1991. And to my knowledge, they have never been published anywhere else. The book is a fascinating narrative, as well as a set of practices. It does not attempt to provide details of some of the very interesting research that is being done into qigong, so it will not convince a sceptic. Unless he or she will give it a try! Enjoyable and empowering!


A True Gem Waiting to be Discovered, September 15, 2005

Reviewer: Taryn Tanimoto "Grateful" (Honolulu, HI, USA):


If you've stumbled across this book while doing a search, consider it no accident. As there is apparently no big marketing push to thrust this book upon you, it seems to simply be awaiting one's readiness to receive it before making itself known. In "Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit" Katherine Orr has distilled the basic principles of a modern master's teachings of Wudang Qigong and conveyed them with lucid simplicity. I found something very fresh and sincere being communicated here - there was no sprinkling of over-used quotes and aphorisms of past sages; Orr's communication of Master Qing Chuan Wang's teachings stands on its own and flowed seamlessly. She covered a lot of ground, weaving a story of Wudang Qigong - a bit of its historical roots in China as it relates to this master's lifework, its philosophical principles, its scientific and medical aspects, its powerful potential to heal and transform, as well as the practical aspects of how to get started incorporating it into one's life. Finally someone has communicated, in terms we can understand, - and literally FEEL - how to connect with this seemingly mysterious force called "qi" (pronounced "chee" - life force energy) and how to establish a life-long relationship with it through a gentle daily practice. While there is much to read about and reflect on in content, what this book does so well, with each chapter, is paint a picture of what "qi" is and what it feels like through the sensitivity of this master. Beyond any visual image or mental concept that might be conjured up, this picture is a feeling - the very essence of something subtle yet powerful, something ever-changing, vibrant and alive - as life itself. This is not a picture easily painted but Katherine Orr does it with grace - her writing the very embodiment of this art form itself. Yes, the easy-to-follow movements in the book are pleasurable and centering (and even easier to follow with the companion DVD), however, what I found most profound about the practices - which are like fluid moving meditations - is their ability to take me beyond mind, to both calm and lift the spirit, to transport and transform. There are so many wonderful and powerful truths presented in this book - read it, experience it for yourself and you will feel yourself tapping in to qi - and to a whole "new," yet ever-present, reality.


Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit, June 30, 2005

Reviewer: Karling Kolter, Life Coach (Henderson, NV)


I've read a number of books over the years on qigong, but Katherine Orr's is the first to describe so clearly the internal flow of qi. Her guidance, both in words and with the drawings, ties the use of intention, focus and action together brilliantly. The DVD is icing on the cake. After reading her descriptions, you can almost feel the qi moving with Master Wang's demonstrations."


Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit, April 26, 2005

Reviewer: Meredith Greenleaf "President Sedona Women" (Sedona, AZ)


A good read of a personal story. The book is packed with information for beginners and long time students. I highly recommend this book. back to order page