Welcome to Master Qing Chuan Wang and Shing-ling-mei Wudang qigong

Ancient Chinese wisdom says the keys to good health and well-being reside within heart and mind. By using our heart and mind to guide qi, we learn to balance our body and our life.

Master Wang, of Honolulu, Hawaii, is a grandmaster, gifted energy healer and was named 18th patriarch of the Wudang qigong lineage by 17th Patriarch, Xirong Pei. His quiet mission for many years has been to empower people to live happy, healthy lives by training them to work with the subtle energy the Chinese call qi (say chee). Known by many names — life force, prana, source energy, ki, bioelectricity — qi is the force that gives us life. Its qualities shape our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Qigong (say cheeGUNG) is the practice of working with qi.

Master Wang's teachings are available in book and on dvd, so you can start your own practice at home.

For millennia, the Chinese have practiced qigong to cultivate body, mind and spirit. Principles of qi and qigong form the foundation of Eastern energy arts including martial arts, Daoist healing arts such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and practices for spiritual development. Once considered mysterious, even frightening, today qigong is emerging as a scientifically valid and effective form of complementary medicine and holistic health care, as well as a joyful path of personal growth, self-development and self-empowerment.


Master Wang has developed Shing-ling-mei (heart-spirit-beautiful) Wudang qigong, a gentle and uplifting practice that combines energy training and principles of wise energy management. Shing-ling-mei Wudang qigong is safe and effective for people of all ages, and in all conditions of health. It has been used successfully to:


  • reduce stress

  • relieve pain

  • reduce drug side-effects

  • improve vitality

  • increase energy

  • boost immunity

  • calm emotions

  • promote healing

  • enhance mental clarity

  • increase well-being

  • uplift the spirit

  • inspire creativity

  • and much more.

Students have found that Shing-ling-mei qigong augments the therapeutic benefits of Western medicine and enhances the practice of other valuable energy arts such as yoga and taiji quan (tai chi chuan).


Master Wang and students offer personal instruction in the form of private and group classes and Qi balance sessions, scheduled by appointment.