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                         for children of all ages

                         by Katherine Orr

Master Dao, a wise and playful energy master

from China, introduces readers to ancient wisdom: We are energy beings living in an energy universe; we can learn to feel this energy and use it to benefit our lives. This first book of the MASTER DAO series introduces readers to life energy and the practice of qigong. Two easy exercises start

readers on their way. Good for all ages.


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                        Size: 5" x 6",  Softcover

                        Pages: 36

                        List price: $11. 99



Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit 

            By Katherine Orr 


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Learn about the awesome power of mind, heart, and qi as you read Beautiful Heart,

Beautiful Spirit, written by Master Wang's wife and longtime student Katherine Orr.               

A well-illustrated exercise section explains moving exercises and qigong meditations.

This book has everything you need to create an effective pratice at home.  

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                        256 pages, paperback  

                        120 illustrations, 6 photographs  

                        List price $16.95  



Six Qigong Exercises for Health,

    Happiness and Healing

    Demonstrated by Master Wang 

    Narrated by Katherine Orr

This DVD companion to Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit features the six moving exercises illustrated in the book. Follow along as Master Wang demonstrates these gently flowing movements amid the beauty of Hawaii's tropical scenery.

Clearly narrated instructions describe body movements as well as how the mind leads qi through the body.


Special features:


Custom selection buttons let you choose your exercise.

Tips and guidelines help you make the most of your practice.

A bonus introduction to qigong helps you introduce qigong to friends.

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                    Approximate playing time: 50 minutes.

                    Amaray-style box.

                    List price $16.95





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